Schraudio strives to enter realms of Innovation.

About the Founder:


Taking inspiration from the natural, supernatural and technological worlds where his concepts are meditated, infused with the mechanics behind the connection of both mind & body.

“If it wasn’t for music I might be painting or dancing. Some of the best memory’s of myself adapting to this world.”

“As a younger brother, I held the passenger seat in front of a 16 inch television, hooked up to the mind-blowing Nintendo 64. I remember being woven ever so deeply into the Zelda releases, the soundtracks I hum to this day.”

Unimpressed at first by Fifa on the new PlayStation 2, there was a realization that CD quality music made all the difference to the experience. After a short season at the local football club, realizing footy was best experienced in highly competitive bouts from the comfort of a sofa. Sitting inside, days on end, was not encouraged at home. This meant having an unconditional, active lifestyle within sports clubs which truthfully only bares positive outcomes. Accessing online gaming opened up a whole new dimension to how games were being played on a day to day experience. Once I had saved enough money to join next generation gaming the full package was employed: an Xbox 360; Call of Duty 4; Halo 3 and a one year subscription to Xbox Live. The next 364 days would be spent in similar fashion, assembling with [FBAR] clan for coordinated multiplayer ‘ops’. Skill level varied, not that this was our objective to be the best. Loving what we were a part of and picking up members from all around the world. Most of all it kept a 12 year old from verbal bouts of frustration on a continental scale.

“I really enjoy the storytelling of some Anime TV Shows & Films.”

The way in which the art-form is captivated, through beautiful visual aesthetics and honest sounds, bring to light even the most far-out settings. The music in shows such as Cowboy Beebop (composed by Yoko Kanno) and Crimson Shell (composed by Lantis) struck me as being highly experimental and I would recommend watching both series. In many ways these composers were making some kind of anomaly of their time. Afro Samurai was an absolute beast. Relentless, fearless and ever so composed, it is hard to believe the trail of bloodshed this Samurai left behind him. In terms of its musicality with the mighty RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan, almost producing the entire soundtrack, it sure is a hell of a ride. Being a Hip-Hop fan, I enjoyed watching The Boondocks, a devilishly satirical look at global conspiracy entwined with a modernized-comedy touch. With all the phat-RZA produced Hip-Hop/R&B beats one can handle, in a twenty minute time span, this is surely one to watch in with ya’ ‘hood’ friends.

Growing up in rural Germany, I became accustomed to Balk and Folk music, enthralled by deep brass, playful woodwinds and a general ‘Festive’ vibe. Having many older siblings meant a mash-up of Electronic music and Punk Rock was sent my way to specter. I ended up getting some early schooling in the country, setting my native tongue in place. Living down Martin-Luther-King-Straße left an array of good times implanted in the mind. If you zoom out a little from the satellite image in the link, you see parks, woods, sports complexes, swimming pools and an airfield full of gliders. The community round here was tight and looking back memories shine, not that it was always sunny back then. Deep snow would fill in every winter time.

The summer of 2001 meant moving to the United Kingdom for the family and I. The first year I spent at home with Mum getting my English up to scratch (Mum had always kept me chatting to her in English, can’t say I even remember switching between the two languages.) This was by far the sunniest memory I have of this country, the weather didn’t let up once. New Malden, formally known as “Little Korea”, a place just outside Kingston Upon Thames, had already started making an impression. In comparison There are many more people located in British towns, meaning a higher chance of meeting someone inspirational, which worked out great. I may have continued to be a little ‘different’ per-say and needed that flexibility growing up.

The phrase “turning a new leaf” is one which I would encounter many times through my secondary education. At the end of this period I had no real direction when it came to fathoming a career for myself. I knew I liked social environments and I didn’t like the idea of a five day working week. So happily, I trundled off to College, I was chuffed that I gained entry to all my chosen subjects. If push came to shove in the position I was in, I wanted to gear towards an educational career where I could devote a lot of time studying a particular aspect. I also wanted to secure some sense of comfort by researching jobs which would require or allow me to be in the natural world. This was the reason I signed up for A-levels: Archaeology, Geology and Biology in the hope of certifying a spot on Time Team. With my savvy for personal interest being swayed by mountains of work and examinations, a switch up to piles of cash and a taste of “the real life” was needed. After starting my second year of college education on a back foot, I left to dabble through the progressions of the world of work. Initially it was to save up for a travelling holiday which I did eventually took down in the Canary Islands. Not too be completely pessimistic or mildly belligerent even if you are staring at one of the finest, picturesque shorelines in forty-degree heat, if your job sucks it can make you leave anywhere. My intentions were only to stay as long as needed. After discovering the Music Technology course at Bridgwater College was due to start, it gave me a reason to return to the UK and dive head first into my life long passion.

College reinforced my learning of Digital Audio Workstation’s (DAW’s). Taking an in depth look at Logic ProAbelton Live and Pro Tools. These are all tools I am familiar with and actively use for my projects. Recently a switch over to FL Studio has occurred, some self-learning has been required.


To experience and enjoy music in a holistic way is something we are all capable of, along with the ability to turn that into a dig-site to reveal the artifacts underneath. This led me ever towards studying seriously, the attraction to this critical active engagement was only escalating.


Props to Sleeping Village Photography, thanks for the photos! Myself and Jake out venturing the woods one-time. “mind you don’t slip on that colorful fungus!”